Our crowdfund planning services can help your business prepare for the dynamic and unpredictable conditions that often accomplany crowdfunding. Our plans can include any combination of the following: marketing plan, flexible budget & forecast, flexible roadmap, payroll & employee benefit plans, funding strategy, and pre/during/post crowdfund strategy.

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Highly Recommended!
The Breathe Institute - Breathing & Wellness

We worked with Order of Merchants to form a business financial management plan. Zack provided a wealth of helpful information in regards to different financial models as well as a detailed assessment on our business goals and progress. The knowledge he shared with us has helped us maneuver through key areas of our planning and have been instrumental in the improved effectiveness of our organization.

Zack has met and surpassed our expectations of working with a business/financial consultant. Transitioning into a new practice has been much easier thanks to his expertise and guidance.

We highly recommend this service to any new or established business looking to optimize their financial and operating structures. 

Leyli Norouz, CEO


Empowering Context to Approach High Level Investors
Robot Nature - Synth Pop & Dream Rock

Working with Zack has not only helped create the groundwork to execute these goals in a strategic fashion, but has also pushed my team to really visualize and embody the reality of this project in a tangible form. This has become more than just a business plan; it is now a fully comprehensive step-by-step map to ensure success and create a solid foundation and structure to achieve these very ambitious goals.

I highly recommend anyone to consult with Zack and Order of Merchants for any aspect of their business, as one will get something dynamic out of a session with him regardless, not only related to business and finance, but even relating to the creative and artistic aspects of the project.

DPAK, Singer | Violinist


Highly Recommended!
Kraftaverk Company

Order of Merchants has been amazing to work with. Zack is incredibly thorough and talented. The range of knowledge and abilities that Zack has employed in our service is astounding. We could not be happier with the value of their services provided to this point and it has been above and beyond what we originally thought we would receive.

​We are very happy with the final products Zack and Order of Merchants have provided to us and we are continuing our relationship to advance what we have already completed. I highly recommend Order of Merchants.

John Turner, Founder


Between 69% and 89% of crowdfunding campaigns do not meet their fundraising goals.

Source - The Crowdfunding Centre