UCC Article 2 – I


Covered Topics

Offer and Acceptance
The Formation of a Contract
Duties, Obligations, and Rights under a Sale
The Definition of Goods, Merchant, and Commercial Units
And More!



About this Product

UCC Article 2 (Uniform Commercial Code) covers Sales as well as the basics of Offer, Acceptance, and the Formation of a Contract. It is an important resource for any who are interested in learning about Contract Law and the basic underlying transaction existing in a contract for the sale of goods. W

e trust this webinar will broaden the viewer’s spectrum of what a sale is, and what basic duties, obligations, and rights accompany those who participate in its art. This webinar is part of a continuing series of webinars covering the Uniform Commercial Code.

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We at Order of Merchants are committed to offering effective tools that assist aspiring merchants in transmuting their ideas into reality. These tools are provided through a framework that we call the 3 Merchant Virtues: Self Governance, Legal Awareness, and Financial Sustainability.

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