Language & Symbolism


About this Product – Language & Symbolism

This webinar covers symbolic language and was originally titled, “Exploring the Fantasia of the Cosmic Commercial Game.” In this presentation we analyze language embedded in the following subjects: Debt Settlement, Credit Building, Admiralty and Maritime Law, Contract Law, Trust Law, Uniform Commercial Code, US Code.



What You Get 

  • Unlimited right to stream this 2 hour webinar covering symbolic language

Who We Recommend this Webinar For

  • For those who are studying finance and law in order to help them attain business goals.
  • If you find law and finance boring or intimidating, and need to attain a fresh perspective into those art forms.

Intended Purpose of Product

We at Order of Merchants are committed to offering effective tools that assist aspiring merchants in transmuting their ideas into reality. These tools are provided through a framework that we call the 3 Merchant Virtues: Self Governance, Legal Awareness, and Financial Sustainability.

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