Methods of Debt Settlement II


About This Product

In this webinar, we will explore various methods of debt settlement with one specific goal in mind: to recognize the rights a borrower may hold in their own debt, and to utilize these rights to achieve settlement of the debt itself. In other words, can a borrower settle their debt with their debt? The method covered, if implemented properly, would be like a free energy finance machine.



What You Get

Covered Topics

  • The Origin of the Term “Bill”.
  • A Dollar Bill vs a Monthly Bill vs a Bill that is Passed and Funded by Congress
  • Alternate Methods of Debt Settlement
  • Recognizing and Measuring Assets and Rights
  • Extinguishing Liabilities
  • The Role of Contracts in Debt Settlement
  • The Role of Investment Banking in Debt Settlement

We will explore the idea of settling debt by contract versus how a debt may be settled by payment of a new, and more efficient form of negotiable instrument.  The concepts used in this webinar are based on the presenter’s first hand interpretation of a series of laws and how they can be used in concert to accomplish the given objective. Much of the material covered is theoretical.

Who We Recommend This Webinar For

We recommend this webinar for anyone who is interested in the strategic use of securities, negotiable instruments, and other assets to better manage their debts.

Intended Purpose of Product

We at Order of Merchants are committed to offering effective tools that assist aspiring merchants in transmuting their ideas into reality. These tools are provided through a framework that we call the 3 Merchant Virtues: Self Governance, Legal Awareness, and Financial Sustainability.

Knowledge of this art form can be useful when building a sustainable finance machine for your personal/family estate or your business. Understanding how to best leverage assets falls under Financing, which is one of the 6 Elements of Financial Sustainability.

With Gnostic Methods of Debt Settlement we aim to offer new perspectives on asset recognition and realization so that you can gain further insight on how to best manage your wealth.

We at Order of Merchants are curious to hear about your experience with the concepts covered in this webinar. You are welcome to leave us a review or Contact Us with questions or comments.


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