Banking On Account Ability I


About This Product

This webinar explores how the art of exchange and accounting exist beyond the stage of traditional finance and extend into many aspects of our daily lives. It compares natural phenomena, such as biological processes in our body, with accounting practices like the double entry book-keeping system.



What You Get

Covered Topics

  • Symbolism Encompassing the Art of Exchange, Money, and Creative Accounting
  • The Colorful Language of Accounting
  • The Hidden Meaning of the Dollar Sign
  • Spiritual and Empowering Aspects of Exchange
  • The Role Accounting and Exchange Play in Nature

On a philosophical level, we address how changing the way in which we disclose, recognize, and measure our assets and liabilities dramatically affect how we account for value that we are giving and receiving on a spiritual, scientific, and financial level. In the end, how we account for a good or service during an exchange influences our ability to recognize our wealth.

Who We Recommend this Webinar For

We recommend this webinar for anyone who is new to accounting, intimidated by accounting, or just feels that accounting is a dry and boring subject and are seeking a new perspective.

Intended Purpose of Product

We at Order of Merchants are committed to offering effective tools that assist aspiring merchants in transmuting their ideas into reality. These tools are provided through a framework that we call the 3 Merchant Virtues: Self Governance, Legal Awareness, and Financial Sustainability.

Knowledge of this art form is necessary to build a sustainable finance machine for your personal/family estate or your business. Hence, accounting is 1 of the 6 elements that make up the virtue of Financial Sustainability

With Banking on Account Ability we aim to nurture your perspective on the craft of accounting so that you can approach it with curiosity and appreciation.

We at Order of Merchants are curious to hear about your experience with the concepts covered in this webinar. You are welcome to leave us a review or Contact Us with questions or comments.

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