Acceptance Finance I


About This Product

This webinar explores the meaning and origin of the term, “acceptance,” and how that term is used in a financial context today.

We dig deeper into advanced financial transactions like Acceptance Financing in order to discover more sustainable methods of financing and settling our debts.



What You Get

Covered Topics

  • Meaning origin (or etymology) of financial language
  • Acceptance Finance as a financial tool
  • The various uses of Negotiable Instruments (Article 3 – Uniform Commercial Code)
  • Time drafts, sight drafts, orders, bills of exchange
  • The value of rights vs the value of money


  • Black’s Law Dictionary
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • U.S Treasury Comptroller of the Currency Handbook on Bankers’ Acceptances

Who We Recommend this Webinar For

  • For those of you who have interest in the language and symbolism of finance.
  • For those of you who are seeking for ways to build a more sustainable finance machine for your personal life or business.

Intended Purpose of Product

We at Order of Merchants are committed to offering effective tools that assist aspiring merchants in transmuting their ideas into reality. These tools are provided through a framework that we call the 3 Merchant Virtues: Self Governance, Legal Awareness, and Financial Sustainability.

We are curious to hear about your experience with the concepts covered in this webinar. You are welcome to leave us a review or Contact Us with questions or comments.


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